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7503 Games played so far:-)
Posted by: admin, 2014-03-07, 03:36 - 0 comments

It's nice to see that there is so many people playing on the site and i hope it will continue with that.. There is 1020 members in the database right now but a lot of fake accounts:-( I'm gonna Clean it up and i'm gonna improve the security to get rid of the fake ones. I hope that you spread the Words about this site among your friends and family. When i see more Active members then i'm gonna start up some Contests with nice prizes too:-)

//Admin Daniel Johansson

Free Flashsites from us...
Posted by: admin, 2014-03-04, 04:55 - 0 comments

Do you want to build your own flashsite? Do you want it for free? Then head over to one of our sites and sign up today. You dont need any domainname or hosting because we host it for free on our hosting Company. Try it now. If you want to download the files and get rid of the ads then it will cost you $9 to get access to all files and put it up on your own hosting and with your own domainname..

Visit now and spread the Words about it..

LinkExchange - Rules
Posted by: admin, 2014-03-04, 04:23 - 0 comments

I see that there is a lot of people trying to add their links thru the linkexchange page here at I will not accept any Exchanges from fake email addresses or any illegal links or links to sites that i dont like. I have over 900 members but a lot of fake accounts and i'm gonna Clean it up this week. I have a lot of visitors and players on the site and that's great:-)... Spread the Words about this and when i see more Active players then i'm gonna launch a Contest..


Advertise with us
Posted by: admin, 2014-02-22, 05:51 - 0 comments

Do you need more traffic to your own site? Do you have $25? Then i suggest that you buy one out of ten advertising spaces on my site I'm gonna put up your textlink on the site and it will be shown for thousands of visitors each and every day for 30 days. You can click here to buy your spot right now. I am advertising each and every day and i can guarantee that your textlink will be seen :-) So what are you waiting for? Make your payment thru PayPal and dont forget to provide me with your textlink before you checkout from PayPal. I'm not gonna advertise any illegal contents on my site.


Vi äger domänerna och och säljer dessa till högstbjudande. Kontakta oss för mer information och lämna bud.


#flappybird #flappybirds

Welcome to - the newest arcadesite online. We are having fun while playing and that's not all. We gonna have a lot of contests with great prizes. Join us today and spread the words about us. is fun and it is free.

Have some time over and don't know how to speed it up? Join today and start playing our games. We are adding a lot of new games every month so there will be a game for everyone. is just like the name says = PLAY4FUN :-) Join today and beat other players highscores and win some prizes. Welcome to a new world of fun.

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